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Our objective: to produce assemblies that are robust, reliable and ergonomic, which meet the specification and are easy to maintain.

Starting from manufactured parts or sub-assemblies, production of simple or complex units which will, for example, act as frames or a structure for your machines and your systems.

Installation in combination with different materials such as wood, PVC, polycarbonate or glass. Depending on the types of materials for assembly, there are different assembly techniques. We will advise you in order to achieve the ideal result.

All assembly work can be done on a single part or on an assembly produced in a small or medium production run, depending on the requirements and the purpose of the product.

Mastery of welding techniques:


Welding by our qualified team of welders of any type of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as other materials such as brass, copper, etc. We can produce your welds with or without fillers, without oxidation.

Electric spot welding or according to the TIG and MIG/MAG methods. A welding robot produces a large number of spot welds repetitively.


Other techniques

Riveting, drilling, milling, tapping, bonding, bolting, fitting of inserts, screws, etc.

Other techniques

Some mechanical references

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