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Establishment of a service package meeting your needs

Different cases can be presented:

  • No specification --> Complete design of your project

  • Existing specification --> Study of the project and production

  • Existing plans --> Study of the plans and production

  • Receipt of .dxf or .pdf files --> Production

On each occasion, we adjust to provide you with precisely the service you need.


An integrated engineering design office

  • The most up to date resources (design, 3D plan with automatic deployment of 2D plans and integration in CAD/CAM, etc.) to provide the design, development or even prototyping of your future parts or systems.

  • In permanent contact with production and the test phases and in constant dialogue with your engineers, the engineering design office can in this way rapidly optimise your equipment and intervene in the production process.


Development of new products

  • Working with you in the development of new products or concepts.

  • From the specification to design in CAD/CAM, we are by your side until validation of the concept and manufacture of the first prototypes.

  • In continuous dialogue with your company, we can produce your elements directly in our workshops.



  • Handling the design and production of your prototypes.



  • Calculating the forces on the finished elements

  • Purchase and selection of components and integration in the project

  • CE machine certifications


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