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Garnimetal was born at the time when rail travelling was dominant, in 1924. At that time, the company manufactured passenger seats for railway cars and boats, under the trade name "La Garniture".

In 1976, the company anticipated a change to the upholstery market and concentrated on metal transformation. It bought the first Trumpf stamping machines in Belgium and became a recognised sub-contractor, not only for the rail industry, but also for telecommunications, access control systems, medical systems and urban furniture.

In 2003, Nathalie Celis, the founder's great-granddaughter, took over the leadership of the company.

Since 2009, Garnimetal has specialised in its fields of expertise to create, in 2013, Steel in Care and Steel in Life and, in 2014, Steel in Meca and Steel in Food.

Since its creation, Garnimetal's intention has been to remain a family company which respects the individual and remains loyal to the pioneering spirit of its founders.

Company Garnimetal
Company Garnimetal

Our added values

The company's different activities are constantly being optimised to meet the market's expectations:

  • Reduced volumes → specialisation in small and medium production runs

  • Demand for customisation → capability to respond to special requests

  • Adaptation to deadlines → capability to modify standard timings based on requirements

  • Demand for flexibility and responsiveness → integrated process for better responsiveness

Our commitments

  • Respect

    Pride in completed projects, work in close collaboration, sustainably and fairly with all third parties (personnel, customers, suppliers, etc.) and respect for commitments made.

  • Rigour

    Willingness to go all the way, while looking for "the solution" with tenacity and perseverance.

  • Competence

    Use of the most relevant technologies applied by qualified personnel in continuous training, who work as a team.

  • Dynamism

    Rapid handling of a customer's request. Offer of goods and services corresponding to customers' expectations in terms of use, quality and compliance with the delivery date.

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