Topics : Projects management

At first glance, this seems simple. The company, specialising in fine or industrial metalwork cuts, folds and welds metal to produce high quality parts which you then incorporate into your process.

But this is the everyday work that you are entitled to expect. The facts are that your sheet metalwork partner is giving you much more than this! Based on its experience and its diverse skills, it will save you time, for example by taking over your project management completely. 

Topics : Steel in Care

Garnimetal has years of experience in manufacturing handling trolleys for the pharmaceutical environment, whether this be clean rooms or classified zones.

Our trolleys have a predefined frame which we can build easily in small or medium volume production runs and a large number of customisations are possible, depending on requirements:
- Size
- Type of tray - solid or wired
- Protection or not for the handling
- Choice of wheels dependent on environment
- ...

Topics : Steel in Meca

The PARISI office had to produce an electric box which would be both attractive and of restricted size, in order to be able to place it adjacent to the television. This box gives access to video games freely available on the market.


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