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Topics : Steel in Care

Garnimetal has years of experience in manufacturing handling trolleys for the pharmaceutical environment, whether this be clean rooms or classified zones.

A chassis and various predefined customisations

Our trolleys have a predefined frame which we can build easily in small or medium volume production runs and a large number of customisations are possible, depending on requirements:
- Size
- Type of tray - solid or wired
- Protection or not for the handling
- Choice of wheels dependent on environment
- ...

Integrations of new features on request

Based on this standard frame, Garnimétal can extend the customisation in order to integrate new features.


- Use of 316L stainless steel
- Elements completely welded, without interstices and passivated
- Totally easy to clean and removable, etc.


Profit from our experience and this competitive offer.

Don't hesitate to contact us to obtain more information or a personalised quotation.

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