Electronic box - How did we succeed in reducing the dimensions?

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The PARISI office had to produce an electric box which would be both attractive and of restricted size, in order to be able to place it adjacent to the television. This box gives access to video games freely available on the market.


A double challenge 

For Garnimetal's engineering design office, a double challenge to surmount:

  • To integrate electronic elements into a confined space.
  • To take heat flows into account to provide natural ventilation.

The customer wished to be advised on the technical choices to be made and a dialogue ensued between the two parties.

Thus, analysis of the mechanical and thermal constraints culminated in the modelling of parts using CAD, in which the dimensions were reinterpreted.


The solution

The design of a housing body in a single piece, with placement of rounded edges to improve the appearance of the terminal

Although the box has a degree of complexity, the rational design of the unit enabled a rapid transition to mass production. Each operation flows smoothly into the next, with easy automation and standardisation of the jigs.


The key to success

Great initiatives taken by Garnimetal and approved by a customer in confidence.


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